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… explores the various ways individuals construct their spiritual perspectives. Supermarket Spirituality offers an overview of the many ‘shopping aisles’ that culture explores when it comes to forming their own spirituality. Applying the values of ‘consistency and integrity’ as a means to weigh up what students are selecting from the ‘religious isles of life’ as they build their own current spiritual worldview. The outcome of the seminar provides the student with the tools to think through what it means for them to live a worldview that makes sense and answers the big questions of life.

Supermarket Spirituality equips and transforms students with the following learning goals and outcomes …

  1. Providing a safe environment to listen and learn from each individual involved
  2. Highlighting statistics of Spirituality of young people in Australia
  3. Increasing their understanding of why people do not like being associated with the idea of traditional Religion and God while increasing interested in spirituality.
  4. Awareness of what science and psychology has to say about worldviews / spirituality, as well as articulate the 4 core rules of the Scientific Method.
  5. Enabling students to articulate core values they hold.
  6. Developing capacity to discern through the lens of consistency, integrity, selflessness.
  7. Presenting what the idea of the Supermarket approach is being preference according to taste and cost.
  8. Challenging the benefit or validity of picking and choosing ideas from different traditions of spirituality to create their own expression of spirituality.
  9. Describing main spiritual/philosophies of Theism (Mono, Poly, Pan), Secularism, Humanism.
  10. Helping students understand that when consistency is applied to spirituality it has significant positive ramifications for the individual, does their worldview answer the philosophical foundations of origin, meaning, condition and destiny with coherency? And why that matters.
  11. Considering radically changing the way we view and choose to live out our spirituality, so that our core values are clearly reflected in our behaviour and beliefs.


As per the Personal and Social Capabilities in the Australian National Curriculum, students are invited to reflect critically on their emotional responses to challenging situations in a social context; reflect on feedback from peers, teachers and other adults, to analyse personal characteristics and skill set that contribute to or limit their personal and social capability; consider control and justify their emotional responses, in expressing their opinions, beliefs, values, questions and choices; articulate their personal value system; and generate, apply and evaluate strategies such as active listening, mediation and negotiation to prevent and resolve interpersonal problems and conflicts.