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… highlights the leadership  potential of every individual. This seminar builds on the theory of Social Capital by Robert Putnam, enabling the leadership group to identify the effective and ineffective ways in which they lead.  It examines how we place certain values on different social groups within the school community and how to bridge these divides.  The workshop provides many opportunities to practice skills that add value to the people we do know, and also for how to effectively connect with those we don’t know.

Leading a Legacy equips and empowers key student leaders with the following learning goals and outcomes…

  • Encouraging them to adopt a mentality that isn’t focussed on recognition, but doing the right thing simply because it’s the right thing
  • Explaining that the more they add value to the people they do and don’t know, the greater the school community becomes
  • Revealing to them the ways in which they as leaders place values upon the different social groups they lead
  • Developing within them practical skills to connect with those they do not know and deepen their relationships with people they do know
  • Asking them to assess the markers of what they want their legacy to look like


As per Personal and Social Capabilities in the Australian National Curriculum,  students are invited to reflect critically on their emotional responses to challenging situations; articulate their personal value system and analyse the effects of actions that repress social power; implement and evaluate ways of contributing to civil society at local levels; and propose, implement and monitor strategies to address needs prioritised at local levels.