… highlights the unique personality profile and leadership potential of every individual.  The program encourages students to respect diversity thus moving towards unity and raises the students’ awareness of the power of discovering ways to foster healthy diversity within any team. This seminar builds on the theory of Robert Putnam’s work (Bowling Alone, New York, 2000; www.bowlingalone.com), enabling the leadership group to identify the effective and ineffective ways in which they lead.  It examines how we place certain values on different social groups with the school community and how to bridge these divides.  The workshop is focused strongly on practical relational communication skills of how to more effectively connect with those we do and don’t know.

Leading a Legacy equips and transforms key students leaders by…

  • identifying individual and collective personality styles and patterns (based on T.E.A.M. Dynamics)
  • exploring some of the leadership strengths and challenges of each style
  • discovering the value of the unique diversity within social networks
  • increasing awareness of the impact that investing in relationships has on the ability to lead
  • recognising the ways in which they, as leaders, place values upon the different social groups they lead
  • developing practical skills to connect with those they do not know
  • improving skills in deepening existing social connections
  • recognising communication strategies that affect their ability to motivate and lead others