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Welcome to Our Country

 “The Message”

I’m Riverbank Frank living here on the river

Here is the message I wish to deliver

We are one people here in Australia

Have to make it work or we’re the failure.


You and me, This culture thing

But we’re all the same under the skin

We can all share Australia’s glory

I’m Wiradjuri/Gamiliroi. What’s your story?


The best thing about Australia to me

Without a doubt is diversity

We’re all different but we are all one

This is our place in the sun.


I hope some day that we all will see

That we’re the answer you and me

Ain’t black or white it’s humanity

Let’s work together to end race insanity.


Written by Frank Doolan
(Rivererbank Frank)

Used with permission

Frank "Riverbank” Doolan Writer, poet and philosopher, an icon in the Dubbo region Wiradjuri Man recognised respected local elder
Narelle Urquhart Indigenous Engagement Advisor Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Support Services) Bond University Wiradjuri Woman
This map attempts to represent the language, social or nation groups of Aboriginal Australia. It shows only the general locations of larger groupings of people which may include clans, dialects or individual languages in a group. It used published resources from the eighteenth century-1994 and is not intended to be exact, nor the boundaries fixed. It is not suitable for native title or other land claims. David R Horton (creator), © AIATSIS, 1996. No reproduction without permission. To purchase a print version visit: