Welcome to Our Country

 “The Message”

I’m Riverbank Frank

Living here on the river

Here is the message

I wish to deliver

We are one people

Here in Australia

Have to make it work

Or we’re the failure.

You and me

This culture thing

But we’re all the same

Under the skin

We can all share

Australia’s glory

I’m Wiradjuri/Gamiliroi

What’s your story?

The best thing about

Australia to me

Without a doubt

Is diversity

We’re all different

But we are all one

This is our place

In the sun.

I hope some day

That we all will see

That we’re the answer

You and me

Ain’t black or white

It’s humanity

Let’s work together

To end race insanity.

Written by Frank Doolan (Rivererbank Frank)

Used with permission