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in 46% of QLD high schools
Overwhelming positive responses from studentsKerri Holzwart, Deputy Principal, Morayfield State High School

55% of schools in Australia use

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Peer Power for almost a decade.
Peer Power has always been willing to listen to feedback and to
alter their excellent programs to suit our idiosyncratic needs."

Anthony Micallef
Brisbane Grammar

Slide backgroundWe tailor each presentationTO AUGMENTYOUR SCHOOL'S IDIOSYNCRASIES
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97.5% positive student rating

Over the years we’ve developed a reputation for engaging, informative and transformational seminars and resources.

Staff Testimonials

We could not have asked more of the Peer Power team who, exuded enthusiasm, a flexible approach and professionalism from the moment we engaged with them to design the program through to the delivery of the program to our students who responded so positively to the program, with some of our more disengaged students commenting on the value of day.

                                              Darren Hutton, Head of Middle & Senior School,

Bundaberg Christian College

I have worked (or ‘been associated’) with Peer Power for twenty years which is a reflection of the high regard we hold for Michael Knight and his very capable team. Their workshops are informative, entertaining and engaging for the students and the ideal preparation for them as Senior Leaders within the College.

                                              David Pavish, Assistant Principal, Cannon Hill Anglican College

Entertaining and engaging seminars that provide a productive language framework to use with our students! Students loved the experiences and the activities provided many bonding moments between them! Totally recommend!

                                              Sally Vellar, HOD – Social Science & Resource Centre,

Coolum State High School

Peer Power seminars engage students in leadership conversations and then equip them with the practical skills to embrace and excel in leadership roles.

                                              Dr Regan Neumann, Exec Principal Kelvin Grove State College

We have engaged Peer Power to work with our students for a number of years. They have a wonderful way of connecting with young people and helping them to explore and recognise the unique qualities they have as individuals, further enhancing these qualities, and using these to guide and lead themselves and others.

Karen Gorrie, Dean of Students and Academic Welfare (7-9), St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School

Peer Power has a unique way of tapping in to what matters to students. They always find the right tone and the right pitch to convince our young women they have the potential to lead and the skills they need to make the difference they wish to see.

Wendy Lauman, Deputy Principal, St Hilda’s School

Student Testimonials

Being a leader doesn't necessarily mean standing in front of people with a badge. There can be different types of leaders: ones with the ideas & ones that carry out the ideas, either way they're both important & they can both make a difference...

Define Your Destiny – Year 12 Student

The seminar was honest. It was engaging and educational. However, above all it was realistic, it dealt with reality and allowed a full insight into life

                                                                                Being a Bloke – Year 12 Student