Our Team

Our approach is not that of ‘me guru – you dumb disciple’,  rather one of a mutual learning environment.  It is not a case of here’s our seminar – hope it fits your situation.

We are committed to working with you to identify the most effective program for your students.

Peer Power seminars are a lively combination of information and interaction, so that the students take part in an enjoyable learning experience. Through these seminars, a framework is created allowing the students to think through the issues and apply the lessons individually.

These seminars are user-friendly for the students and school administration as they are modular in format and can be tailored to suit your school’s timetable / schedule and students’ needs.

Our Director


A good education leaves a lot to be desired…

Over the last three decades, Michael Knight has engaged with hundreds of thousands of young people. He has lost about the same number of hairs from his head. The founder of the Australian arm of Peer Power has an established record for generating classroom dynamics that get results for schools, teachers and students. During his youth work journey, Michael has focused on classroom and large scale seminar presentations, crisis counselling, adventure therapy (camping), administration organisational management and development. Michael Knight is still learning, but has walked down the road of experience enough to be able to make a genuine difference for schools.

Our Presenters

Alexa 0717


Loving people and loving conversation…

Alexa loves talking with people and believes we call all learn something from each other. She equally loves being outside. When she’s not at work you’ll find her either horse riding, drinking coffee or at the beach… after 2 years in the UK, the entire year = beach season.

Above all though, she loves discovering places to which she’s never been. Whether that’s the countryside of Sweden… or a north side coffee shop she’s yet to go to, she thrives off the unknown loves expanding her horizons through new experiences. She is passionate about helping young people discover the vast potential within them – a potential that’s too often over shadowed by what the world asks and expects of them.

Andy 0717


An enigma – not as in the machine…

Andy grew up in the jungle hills of Tamborine but finds himself more comfortable in the ocean.  He gets nervous in crowds but is a professional mc/public speaker.  He looks 35 years old but in reality he’s only 18… well, that’s what his wife says anyway. Andy has a heart for the hurting. However, rather than filling young minds with fanciful dreams of an easy life, Andy encourages adolescents to face their struggles for he believes endurance produces character, and character produces hope.

Frustrated by the amount of young lives wasted due to a lack of hope, Andy has devoted the past 10 years of his life to inspiring the next generation through humour, story telling and education.

shaina that way


The most interesting kinds of people are those who do not sweeten or dilute themselves. Like coffee, they are full strength, searing hot, and able to rouse the world’s weary, idle heart… 

Well, Shania doesn’t like coffee but she loves that quote. Her passion is people and aim is to make sure that no one goes through life feeling unnoticed or unvalued (apologies to Ninja’s). Shanaia loves to have real, meaningful and important conversations that draw out who the person is called to be instead of who the culture tells them to be. Through this, Shainiqua recognises that life’s uncomfortable growing pains take us to greater levels of self-awareness and inform better choices for the future. Consequently, Shana will be sure to carefully consider the consequences of what she names her children.

PS. “It’s Shaina”. Thanks Mum, I told you people would keep spelling my name wrong!

Chyna_Headshot-1 (1)


Never stuck for words…

…but Chyna’s story has yet to make its way into print



It’s our choices that show what we truly are…  far more than our abilities.

Originally a native Townsvillian, Amelia migrated south to Brisbane to undertake the study of drama. While passionately holding on to her creative flare (and often found wearing a fun item or three from her ‘costume cupboard’), Amelia found her niche for working with people when she in a role with children who have disabilities.

Amelia’s ‘happy place’ is interacting with people, learning from them and sharing her passion and enthusiasm for life with them. Thriving off adventure and new experiences, a lot of her ‘holidays’ are spent on youth camps, engaging with adolescents and sharing in their journey of life. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Behavioural Science, Amelia is currently exploring the world of honours in Psychology, majoring in areas of Educational and Developmental Psychology (not to be confused with the study of riding bicycles). She is so excited to be part of the Peer Power team, who adore her ‘informed opinions’!



The mystery… 

Others are joining the team soon, but for now, their stories remain a mystery.

Our Engine Room

Ida 0717


Meet the real boss…

Hidden deep within the engine room is the powerhouse of Peer Power – Ida. Quietly tapping away at a hot keyboard, she keeps this well-oiled machine ticking over.

Ida doesn’t ask for much from the team – just straight answers, promptly submitted paperwork, correctly filled-in forms and, of course, good coffee.

Tegan 0717



Passionate about thriving communities and seeing people fearlessly back themselves. With a background in business management and stakeholder engagement, Tegan plays the vital role within the Peer Power team to keep things on track (which is a nice way to say she’s super effective cat herder!)

It should be noted that Tegan loves trees but won’t chain herself to one. She prefers tea to coffee and won’t pass up an opportunity to talk politics (local, state, federal, global or intergalactic). She isn’t full of crazy fun facts, and doesn’t run for fun, but Tegan sure loves to be involved in anything that encourages others to reach their full potential.



Why get all stewed up and anxious today with only half the information, when tomorrow, fully informed… you can have a proper and decent panic!

From an architectural design and management background, our incredible volunteer Geoff brings a different creative perspective to Peer Power. His well-developed eye for visual and written detail and a keenness for clear and accurate communication is matched only by his keen sense of the invaluableness of systems.

As a certified ‘baby –boomer’ (he doesn’t recall much of the 60’s, so was clearly there), therefore Geoff needs to accept some responsibility for the confusion in our society today. He really values the dynamics, energy and enthusiasm of Peer Power in schools, but doesn’t venture into the craziness of the seminar room. He’s more at ease providing essential back-up to the team in the office. Out of the office, Geoff loves time with family & grandkids and camping and bushwalking with a camera, reminiscing the days of old with his much beloved ’74 square bumper Kombi van.