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…explores the different learning preferences of individuals to help students maximise their learning experiences. This seminar highlights the difference between need and preference in learning and exposes students to multiple styles – both their own mix, and an increased awareness of different styles of their peers. Through exploring these leaning styles, students will gain a greater understanding of the impact that factors such as Environmental, Physiological, Social, Emotional and Processing Style have on their ability to learn and retain new or difficult information. Practicalities are explored to help students develop strategies for appropriate change according to the learning situation.

Oh I Get It! equips and transforms students by…

  • Widening their framework and motivation for learning (beyond the classroom)
  • Developing an awareness of the different learning conditions
  • Exploring and identifying their own style preferences
  • Applying practical steps to maximise each learning experience and to implement their learning style preferences while recognising how to accommodate learning situations that don’t match preferred conditions