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… explores and applies a greater understanding of stress by understanding the differences of u-stress (useful) verses dys-stress (dysfunctional) in a highly interactive manner.  The seminar incorporates various learning styles to maximise students’ connection with and retention of the material being processed.   The planned outcomes are to empower students towards greater awareness and self confidence in effectively managing their time and the stress they may/will encounter.

Freaking Out equips and transforms students by…


  • Understanding the make up of a ‘complete human being’ – Psyche and Soma (mind & body)
  • Identifying the difference between u-stress and dys-stress
  • Identifying how stress manifests itself differently between people
  • Identifying several practical and realistic methods for decreasing stress
  • Discussing and applying methods how stress and the effective management of it is possible within their worlds
  • Understanding the principle of ‘Serenity Street’


  • Recognising their commonly held attitudes towards time management
  • Understanding of the 80 / 20 principle within time management
  • Establishing a system to analyse their current use of time
  • Developing a method to compare their use of time against their desired use of time
  • Discussing and applying methods how poor time management verses effective time management of it is possible within their worlds