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… Finish the race engages students to analyse their ‘common thinking traps’ and develop healthy mind skills regarding their perception and attitude to finishing their academic studies and senior schooling.  Students are challenged to consider the importance of why finishing strong matters.

Finish the Race equips and transforms students with the following learning goals and outcomes …

  • Focusing on the concept of what it means to finish something well
  • Developing the importance of their attitude in whatever they set their minds to
  • Providing examples of how individuals have completed their goals despite setbacks, people’s opinions and impediment of natural ability.
  • Identify the ‘common thinking traps’ students fall into and the mental judo skills to combat the traps.
  • Recognising how you finish something is as important as how you did it


As per the Australian National Curriculum’s Personal and Social Capabilities, students undertaking this seminar will be challenged to reflect critically on their emotional responses to challenging situations in a wide range of learning, social and work-related contexts; assess their strengths and challenges and devise personally appropriate strategies to achieve future success; reflect on feedback from peers, teachers and other adults, to analyse personal characteristics and skill set that contribute to or limit their personal and social capability; and critically analyse self-discipline strategies and personal goals and consider their application in a variety of contexts.