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… introduces students to think beyond the typical self-imposed limitations that prevent the individual from achieving their potential.  With a balanced understanding of their own abilities and challenges, the students plan practical achievable goals across several levels through a right and left brain process.  Such a process is set against a realistic view of the potential failures that face them and how to effectively deal with such failures.  The focus here is for the student to first think about who they are, then where they are going and lastly, that failure is never final.

Define Your Destiny equips and transforms students by…

  • Creating practical frameworks to empower the individual to start thinking beyond the external and self-imposed limitations that hold one back
  • Developing an increased ability to understand who they are as individuals
  • Discovering how to identify their own goals across personal and collective areas of life, via a Left and/or Right brain system
  • Identifying potential areas of past failures or present blocks
  • Confronting realistic yet challenging process to manage those pitfalls
  • Developing a strong sense and perspective on failure is never final