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Upon completing TEAM Dynamics (which is a prerequisite to doing Applied T.E.A.M. Dynamics) participants move into an advanced application of the principles of this unique personality program.

Applied T.E.A.M. Dynamics equips and empowers students with the following learning goals and outcomes…

  • Effectively understanding the fundamental indicators of Body Language.
  • Developing a collective group awareness of the major personality focus of their particular group/year level.
  • Identifying the major points of conflict, why these conflicts occur and practical methods to manage potential conflicts between the personality styles.
  • Developing skills for improved TEAM work mentality.

As per Personal and Social Capabilities in the Australian National Curriculum, students are invited to assess their strengths and challenges; reflect on feedback from peers, teachers and other adults, to analyse personal characteristics and skill set that contribute to or limit their personal and social capability; identify the skills needed to manage different types of relationships; critique their ability to devise and enact strategies for working in diverse teams, drawing on the skills and contributions of team members; generate, apply and evaluate strategies to prevent and resolve interpersonal problems and conflicts.