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… with the rise of ‘Social Networking’ in a virtual world, the goal of this seminar is to enable participants to develop skills to build meaningful relationships and a greater sense of community face to face.

3D Relationships equips and transforms students by…


  • Establishing the importance of relationships
  • Discovering and Highlighting  the difference and significance of real/3D (as opposed to virtual/2D) relationships
  • Articulating the current nature of relationships within their community


  • Social mapping exercise that involves identification of friends and the depth of that friendship
  • Learning and implementing the skills required to start new friendships
  • Thinking through how to improve the depth and longevity of existing friendships
  • Recognising the internal perceptions of how they view their relationships in a family context
  • Developing practical skills to connect more effectively with their family members
  • Discovering effective ways to build real relationships within their wider community