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…highlights the unique personality profile of every individual.  It does not ‘label’ people, rather it liberates them to an increased awareness of their own strengths and challenges.  The program encourages staff to understand and respect diversity thus moving towards unity.  T.E.A.M. Dynamics is an effective team building experience, raising awareness of the complexity and diversity within personalities and the power of discovering ways to foster healthy diversity within any team.

T.E.A.M. Dynamics empowers teachers by…

Deepening insights into personality:

  • Beyond labelling and justification of it’s my “teaching style”
  • Recognition of the four dominant personality styles within every classroom
  • Perspicacious pedagogies

Effectively approaching behavioural issues:

  • Navigating different styles in conflict resolution
  • Insights into the types of language and structure that provide motivation or lack of it in others