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…built on the theory of Robert Putnam’s work (Bowling Alone) this interactive based workshop is designed to enable a staff body to foster social capital with the entire faculty.  The process enables staff to identify effective and ineffective techniques they individually employ in their social interactions that either enhance or withdraw on their social capital.  The workshop examines how we place certain values on different social groups within the school community and how to bridge these divides.  The workshop is focussed strongly on practical communication skills to connect with those the staff “know” as well as those they “don’t know”.

Building Social Capital empowers teachers by…

  • Understanding that relationships are valuable
  • Recognising the ways in which they interact and how that places values upon their different social groups
  • Practising skills to improve the depth of the relationship with those they know
  • Developing practical skills to connect with those they do not know
  • Creating clear and simple communication strategies that effectively motivate and encourage others