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Everyday Wars


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Conflict Resolution SeriesThis Australian Educational Video Series and Curriculum Guide have been produced to empower young people (aged 10 – 15) in developing increased competencies in understanding why conflicts occur, how to minimise these conflicts, and finally how to work towards peaceful solutions.

Section 1: ‘Everyday Wars’
explores the causes of everyday conflicts. Through the worksheets, students are able to consider their own emotional needs / values and  the impact conflicts have in these areas. Students not only see how conflicts escalate, but also learn valuable keys for reducing their, EVERYDAY WARS!

Section 2: ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly’ 
explores five common conflict styles that young people encounter in their everyday lives. The critical theme of this video enables students to examine each style, whether it be GOOD, BAD OR  UGLY. Through the worksheets, students are given the opportunity to distinguish which style they most commonly use when confronted with a conflict situation.

Section 3: ‘Believe it, or Not!’ 
highlights four realistic ways to resolve conflicts. The critical theme of this video is to empower the viewer with several practical methods for RESOLVING CONFLICTS. One of the vital  resolution styles promoted is the need to apologise, to receive forgiveness and to forgive – Believe it, or not!

Includes: 1 Video with 3 / 15 min sections; Teacher’s Guide with student objectives and suggested Instructional Procedures, follow-up discussion and activities.

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