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Testimonials – old

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[blockquote width=’80’ text=’Peer Power seminars engage students in leadership conversations and then equip them with the practical skills to embrace and excel in leadership roles’ border_color=”]

– Dr Regan Neumann, College Executive Principal Kelvin Grove State College

[blockquote width=’80’ text=’The seminar was honest. It was engaging and educational. However, above all it was realistic, it dealt with reality and allowed a full insight into life.<br/>’ border_color=”]

– Define Your Destiny – Yr 12 Student
[blockquote width=’80’ text=’Peer Power has a unique way of tapping in to what matters to students. They always find the right tone and the right pitch to convince our young women they have the potential to lead and the skills they need to make the difference they wish to see.’ School’ border_color=”]

– Wendy Lauman, Dean of Students, St Aidan’s Anglican Girls

[blockquote width=’80’ text=’Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean standing in front of people with a badge. There can be different types of leaders: ones with the ideas & ones that carry out the ideas, either way they’re both important & they can both make a difference…’ border_color=”]

– Yr 12 Student