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What Stories Teach

What Stories Teach – by Justine Gilliland   From cave paintings to blockbusters, stories unveil the colours of our humanity. This is why I love reading.   My current adventure is Room by Emma Donoghue.   Narrated through the eyes of five-year-old Jack, we learn of the only world he knows – “room”. “Real” people only exist in “room”- his mum whom he cherishes, and the frequent visitor (his mother’s kidnapper) who Jack catches mere glimpses of from inside “wardrobe”.   Jack’s life alters when he and his mum escape “outside”. He is repeatedly assured that “outside” will be a…

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“If it is to be, it is up to me”: A Teachers Journey

“If it is to be, it is up to me”: A Teachers Journey – by Lachlan Heshusius (Peak Coordinator, St. Laurence’s College)   When I graduated from university, I knew the busyness of Brisbane wasn’t for me. I longed for open roads, bushland and the sense of adventure. So, I applied for a teaching position in Mount Isa – the largest town in Queensland’s northwestern frontier. I got the job and literally had to look it up Mount Isa on the map to find out where it was. This was a big move – for a bunch of reasons. It was…

Bubble Burst

A World Without Bubbles

A World Without Bubbles – by Michael Knight   Wisdom doesn’t become outdated.   In 1916 an Australian journalist, author and preacher FW Boreham wrote about the notion of idealistic dreaming in contrast to negative thinking. He offered this wisdom:   “The world would clearly be very much the poorer, and not one scrap the richer, if no bubbles were left in it … To be criminal implies an evil hand; but to be cynical reveals a very evil heart. It is a thousand times better to be blowing bubbles that, though fragile, are very fair than to move sulkily…


Facebook: To ‘like’ or ‘unlike’, that is the question

by Matt Smith, Head of Student Wellbeing – Brisbane Boys Grammar Last year, Facebook turned 10 years old. I’ve had a Facebook account since 2008 and I’m one of 1.44 billion monthly active users.And I’ve come to the conclusion that Facebook can be a hazard to your mental health. I’ll explain why. My Facebook use is primarily threefold: To share photos (occasionally) To post a comment (rarely) To appease my inner-voyeur (regularly) It’s the latter that accounts for 95 per cent of my Facebook use. In the same way that one can learn a lot about a person by examining…

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The Believer

by Krys Bunyan – Peer Power Business Manager. In the Peer Power office, we have totally peculiar conversations that range from being a bloke to applying mascara (way beyond me). From porn to sexuality to how to rise from apathy to revolution. Yes, there’s little we don’t talk about.   The early part of my own magical journey was not in this office, rather in a land where people bought stuff they didn’t need, with money they didn’t have, trying to quench a fire that would never abate. We called it corporate, and for the most part the Armani suits…

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When, “you were great”, is far from good

You have just finished a major overhaul of an assessment item or unit plan and your colleague responds: “Looks amazing. You are so good with stuff like that.”   Your inner monologue fires up. “Really? Amazing? I mean I’m generally happy with it but… amazing? Am I really good with stuff like this? I wonder which stuff they are talking about?”   Giving effective feedback is all in the detail – even when it comes to praise.   Just because you praise someone doesn’t mean you have helped them.   Poorly given praise can be harmful, even the general “You…


Cohesion in the Class

There are three options for a teacher in a classroom – their classes can tick, flatline or explode.   Yes, the best option is for your classroom to tick. That’s when you’re gaining optimum outcomes from your students.   When your class flatlines, the students are bored and switch off. Your class explodes when students become frustrated.   So, how do you get your class ticking?   It’s all about personality – the things that make you tick. According to Jungian psychology, there are four primary drivers of personality.   The first is a driven towards relationships; the second driven…


Good stress and bad stress: how to manage both

Good stress and bad stress: how to manage both   Stress can be good for you.   That’s not something you see written every day but it’s time that we properly discussed stress and how it affects your body.   Stress is a natural part of walking the tightrope of life and it has two types: there is the damaging dis-stress and there is the uplifting eu-stress. That word has the same origins as euphoria.   Walking the tightrope of life requires balance and how you think about this walk has direct affects on your health.   Many of us…

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Integrity – The Key to Your Success

Integrity – The key to your success   What’s the key ingredient to success? Is it talent, opportunity or even public recognition? Chances are that it’s none of the above. The key ingredient is something that you can have – integrity.   Dr. Henry Cloud, clinical psychologist, leadership coach, corporate consultant and author, says that integrity will ultimately determine, “if your brains, talents, competencies, energy, effort, deal-making abilities, and opportunities will succeed… (or) ‘Make it’.” Integrity = the life long process of integrating & applying wholeness to the parts of us that aren’t yet healthily operational or mature.   According…