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… is a highly interactive workshop designed to move students through an active process that will reveal their unique leadership capabilities. This seminar creates a safe and productive environment for students to explore the realm of Multiple Intelligences and how this affects their leadership. The major theme explores the student’s personal strengths, abilities and styles and how they can use these to improve/impact upon their schooling. (This is based around the concepts of Multiple Competences). The process is interactive and engaging, through the use of visual, auditory, self-reflective and movement mechanisms to demonstrate effective learning styles.

The Leader Within equips and transforms students by…

  • understanding the link between knowing who they are and having confident leadership
  • increasing awareness of who they are as individuals and their diversity
  • understanding of the broad concept of multiple intelligences and learning styles
  • identifying which of the intelligences and styles they have a preference towards
  • developing awareness of difference and capacity of the “inter” and “intra” personal skills
  • understanding that everyone is capable of leading
  • developing a practical understanding of their leadership
    understanding the concept of multiple intelligences, that each person has something to bring to the school community