The Believer

by Krys Bunyan – Peer Power Business Manager.

In the Peer Power office, we have totally peculiar conversations that range from being a bloke to applying mascara (way beyond me). From porn to sexuality to how to rise from apathy to revolution. Yes, there’s little we don’t talk about.


The early part of my own magical journey was not in this office, rather in a land where people bought stuff they didn’t need, with money they didn’t have, trying to quench a fire that would never abate. We called it corporate, and for the most part the Armani suits only supported bad behaviour and unsavoury conversations at the photocopier stations. But I fell in love with the fable as so many did back in the day.


There were the expense account, the cars, the great hotels and endless travel. After the first 40 countries it didn’t get tiring – it simply seduced my senses to hunt down and own that image that bore the curse of no satisfaction. All the while I secretly confided in the revelation of the Rolling Stones when they penned, “ I’m drivin’ in my car and that man comes on the radio. And he’s tellin’ me more and more about some useless information, Supposed to fire my imagination, I can’t get no, oh no no no I can’t get no satisfaction


Camping over on the moral high ground, the self proclaimed righteous had pitched their tents and screamed down through the ages “WHY”. To me they were a motley crew of the burnt outs and the never could have been anyways. I never burnt out, I simply kept on believing – and that’s the thing. My journey, if I was to give it a name, it would be “the believer”. And although via unwritten legislation and political correctness I should conceal my beliefs. I have to say, I did dare to believe from time to time. I would say it was my signature dish.


Here, at Peer Power, “why and why not” is the daily bread of the dialogue. Never content with popularity ratings or trending we all believe in primary sourcing and a set of values that would challenge even the deceased if we had direct access. Many would say it’s a quest for knowledge – the team here would say they believe in knowledge shared. Something along the lines of, without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile. All very Abu Bakr.


My fascination with the inexplicable was fuelled when I met a spirited Kabalistic Jew more than a few years ago up in Safed, He lived on his emotions. He was a wonderful influence. His day-to-day life was the most theatrical thing I had ever seen. It was everything I thought Bohemia probably was. I thought I had joined the circus when we debated all things life. But try as he may, he could not enable me to free the angel and demon that I was on the inside. Immersed in the creation of success it was hard to distinguish the poetry and the real me some days.


Now, 54 years after embarking on the pathway of life, I still believe in the potential of the human, the amazing capacity of the human soul to soar beyond its brokenness and to achieve the unachievable – to emulate all the virtues of our creator. It’s true you know, ordinary people believe only in the possible and extraordinary people visualise not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualising the impossible, they begin to see it as possible.


Despite its status, a real education can arrive into students’ lives as rich in arcane ritual as education has for centuries. There are houses, named after 18th-century statesmen like Pitt and Wilberforce. There is customarily the uniform, and an elaborate system of rewards and chastisements. There is also a clear focus on languages, science and particularly mathematics – a haven a where a collegiate ambiance is the Holy Grail sought after under the influence of someone called sir or mam. Then there are the many institutions that believe in student well being, holistic education and the full development of the potential of the student.


As I reclined in my office chair after confirming yet another school booking for one of Peer Powers many incredible seminar, I realized I was home – in a place where it’s not only me that believes, but with a family that eat sleep and breathe the same creed. It’s here that they believe how great minds revel only in excellence, while average minds love only mediocrity.


So, why is it that Peer Power does what they do so well? That answer too is not so well hidden in the belief of our leader, Michael, that Sacred cows make the best hamburgers.


Of course, there’s Nathan, He speaks, not because he has the power to speak, but because he does not have the power to remain silent with the transformative Peer Power message in hand. And, there is Justine who fully embodies the saying: “There are no problems, only opportunities for growth”. There is Tom, Amelia, Elizabeth and Geoff and Ida all of supported by the board and driven …… to believe.

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