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… explores through humour and activities, the various ways individuals construct their spiritual perspectives.  Supermarket Spirituality gives an overview of the many shopping aisles that are available in our society to explore when it comes to forming your own spirituality.  The outcome of the seminar provides the student with the tools to think through what it really means for them to be happy in life.

Supermarket Spirituality equips and transforms students by…

  • Creating an environment of fun
  • Providing a safe environment to listen and learn from each individual involved
  • Establishing the idea of consistency as the key to exploring spirituality
  • Highlighting statistics of Spirituality of young people in Australia
  • Increasing their understanding of why people do not like being associated with the idea of Religion and God
  • Challenging the benefit or validity of picking and choosing ideas from different traditions of spirituality to create their own expression of spirituality
  • Helping them understand that when consistency is applied to spirituality it has significant positive ramifications for the individual