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… uses the philosophy of non-violent communication, espoused by Marshall C. Rosenberg and others, to teach students how to see conflict as a potential opportunity to strengthen relationships and emotional environments, rather than seeing it as something destructive that is to be avoided. Students are given the opportunity to reflect on previous conflict situations they’ve been a part of and ask questions that will help them diagnose why it was a helpful conflict or something problematic. They are given specific skills that will allow them to create environments where conflict can produce win-win situations, rather than lose-lose or win-lose. The outcome of the seminar helps students to be effective in conflict and healthily negotiate problematic scenarios.

Strategic Conflict equips and transforms students by…

  • realizing that the outcome of conflict done well, is more than compromise or winning
  • explaining the philosophy behind conflict that is strategic and healthy
  • illustrating how to embrace conflict for its potential
  • understanding the roles that people play within conflict and how to operate healthily within any role
  • distinguishing between the three main outcomes that can be achieved through conflict
  • identifying how to avoid triangulation in a conflict