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… a harm minimisation perspective on cannabis and other drug issues.  Cannabis – is a hard drug with a soft drug image.  This is the most commonly used illicit substance among secondary students in Australia, and only now after 30 years of increased usage is society starting to understand the destructive, harmful and hard side of this alleged ‘soft drug’.  “Stonesville” is more than just another drug talk – it moves beyond just saying “no” to develop discernment skills between the facts and myths surrounding Cannabis, Alcohol, and Tobacco.  Stonesville develops awareness of how individuals can get ripped off by false promises and limited information regarding consequences, and develops skills for decision making towards a healthy life style.

Stonesville equips and transforms students by…

  • Discussing the motivations behind substance abuse
  • Exploring facts surrounding drugs
  • Understanding the difference between being in control of decision making and being out of control because of substance abuse
  • Focusing on the effects of taking different substances
  • Identifying the psychology behind why people subject themselves to the dangers of substance abuse