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… uses student created metaphors to articulate what leadership means and explores their responsibilities to such a role.  Leadership is an Art highlights the unique personality profile of every individual and how they relate to leadership. It teaches individuals not to ‘label’ themselves or other people, rather liberates them to an increased awareness of their own strengths and challenges.  Having identified their unique personality makeup, participants are taught the principles of how to identify the unique personality makeup of other individuals. Increased awareness of such life skills are immediately useful for the student within a school interpersonally, inter-community and for the rest of their life.

Leadership is an Art equips and transforms students by…

  • recognising the role they each have to play in leadership
  • understanding themselves and their strengths and weakness better
  • analysing the strength and weakness of certain personalities
  • providing them with tools to be able to recognize people’s personalities within their teams
  • identifying and developing their current view of leadership in relation to how they see themselves