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The aim of this seminar is to challenge student’s critical thinking skills regarding their use of social media. Accessing the most recent research on social media use, such as higher levels of addictive behaviours and narcissism, greater risks of depression, anxiety and lower self-esteem, enables students to shift from becoming an unthinking ‘product’ and retaining control of being a thinking ‘customer’ with their social media use.

Students are encouraged to reflect on their smart phone use with practical critical thinking skills.

The LiKe empowers students with the following learning goals and outcomes …

  • Developing critical thinking skills which assist in media literacy
  • Increasing awareness of psychological effects of social media
  • Creating strategies to counter phycological impacts of social media
  • Applying practical skills to manage their own social media use


As per Personal and Social Capabilities in the Australian National Curriculum, students are invited to assess their strengths and challenges and devise personally appropriate strategies to achieve future success; plan, implement and evaluate ways of contributing to civil society at the local level; and identify the skills needed to manage different types of relationships especially on-line and forecast the consequences of expressing emotions inappropriately and devise measures to regulate behaviour.