Classroom Management


When, “you were great”, is far from good

You have just finished a major overhaul of an assessment item or unit plan and your colleague responds: “Looks amazing. You are so good with stuff like that.”   Your inner monologue fires up. “Really? Amazing? I mean I’m generally happy with it but… amazing? Am I really good with stuff like this? I wonder which stuff they are talking about?”   Giving effective feedback is all in the detail – even when it comes to praise.   Just because you praise someone doesn’t mean you have helped them.   Poorly given praise can be harmful, even the general “You…


Cohesion in the Class

There are three options for a teacher in a classroom – their classes can tick, flatline or explode.   Yes, the best option is for your classroom to tick. That’s when you’re gaining optimum outcomes from your students.   When your class flatlines, the students are bored and switch off. Your class explodes when students become frustrated.   So, how do you get your class ticking?   It’s all about personality – the things that make you tick. According to Jungian psychology, there are four primary drivers of personality.   The first is a driven towards relationships; the second driven…