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… is an engaging seminar designed to encourage female students to consider how they view and value what it is to be a healthy female in today’s society.  The process incorporates an overview of healthy and unhealthy feminine behaviours, attitudes and beliefs.  The program applies the principles of knowing confidence, compassion and capacity without constant comparison, and how to live it out.

Beyond the Mascara equips and transforms students by…

  • Considering stereotypes of femininity in popular media and the messages contained in them (pressures, awareness, empowering/disempowering)
  • Exploring the unhealthy ways of coping with the influences on being female
  • Developing skills to question the influences and to make critically helpful decisions
  • Discovering and distilling the principles of healthy behaviour, attitudes and beliefs
  • Mapping social influences and determining who is and could be helpful influencers
  • Embracing skills that enable helpful adult thinking and behaviour