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… is a challenging program designed to inspire and provoke male students to consider what is the essence of healthy masculinity and becoming a man (rights and responsibilities).  The seminar enables students to consider the various “stereotypes” of masculinity the media project and consider how healthy or unhealthy those images are.  Building on this, the seminar contrasts the concept of  “archetypes” against stereotypes.  Whereas the stereotype is a single image that not everyone fits into, an archetype is a singular concept that everyone can associate with.  Finally the seminar establishes and applies the three dominant principles of healthy masculinity drawn from the archetypes of strength, action and character.

Being a Bloke equips and transforms students by…

  • Analysing the stereotypes of masculinity and uncertainty surround what it means to be male in our culture
  • Explaining the stages of development within adolescence and into adulthood
  • Identifying four dominant archetypal images on masculinity from unhealthy to healthy
  • Establishing principles of rites of passage to explore and develop one’s own journey into healthy manhood