… an honest exploration of the motivating factors behind adolescent binge drinking.  The seminar takes a “common sense” approach to the subject matter, appealing to the intellect and reasoning skills of the individual rather than an emotive reactionary presentation.  The content explores both the what and the why behind binge drinking and offers alternative skills for meeting the underlying need that drives adolescents to binge drink.  Why the Title ‘Alcoholocaust’?

  • 64% of 14-17 year olds (2001) drinkers, drank at levels placing themselves at risk of harm.
  • 70% of males and 60% of female school leavers get drunk on most or all days/nights at schoolies.
  • The 3 leading causes of death among adolescents are all associated with alcohol (unintentional injuries, homicide, suicide)

Alcoholocaust equips and transforms students by…

  • Exploring why adolescents binge drink
  • Highlights the short and long term and legal consequences of such behaviour
  • The nature of the addictive cycle
  • Skills to break the cycle of pain, blame & guilt