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… an honest exploration of the motivating factors behind adolescent binge drinking. Students are empowered as the ‘judge over their own actions/choices’ and the seminar presents the mythology, biology, psychology data from which they can make informed choices.   The seminar takes a “common sense” approach to the subject matter, appealing to the intellect and reasoning skills of the individual rather than an emotive reactionary presentation.  The content explores both the what and the why behind adolescent drinking and offers alternative skills for meeting the underlying need that drives adolescents drinking.

Alcohol-cost equips and transforms students by…

  • Assessing what students know about adolescent binge drinking culture and behavior, as well as the underlying issues and the consequences of drinking
  • Challenging the commonly held mythology surrounding alcohol and drinking culture by highlighting the short and long-term biological effects and legal consequences of such behaviour
  • Examining the psychological nature of the addictive cycle
  • Encouraging students to embrace the skills to effectively and healthily manage boredom or pain, rather than be part of an addictive cycle