Exploring and applying the essence of healthy masculinity.
This challenging program is designed to inspire and provoke male students to consider what is the essence of healthy masculinity, becoming a man, (rights and responsibilities).  Challenging student to move beyond “stereotypes”, through understanding “archetypes”.

Applying the principles of healthy masculinity of strength, action and character.•    Analysing the stereotypes of masculinity.
•    Identifying the causes of unhealthy masculinity.
•    Establishing principles to explore and develop one’s own journey into healthy manhood.

Exploring and applying the essence of healthy femininity.
An engaging seminar designed to encourage female students to consider how they view and value what it is to be a healthy female in today’s society?  The process incorporates an overview of healthy and unhealthy feminine behaviours.

Applying the principles of healthy femininity of confidence, compassion and capacity with inner beauty.•    Considering stereotypes of femininity in popular media and the messages contained (pressures, awareness, empowering/disempowering).
•    Discovering and distilling the principles of healthy and unhealthy behaviour.
•    Identifying the essence of healthy femininity and embracing adulthood.



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Sexual Sanity (Part 1) – Sex In The Classroom

Sexual Sanity (Part 2) – What Is Sex?

Sexual Sanity (Part 3) – Media and Marketing

Sexual Sanity (Part 4) – Pornea

Sexual Sanity (Part 5) – Pregnancy, parenting adoption & abortion

Sexual Sanity (Part 6) – STDs & STIs